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Dear Swiss visitor

This website contains information regarding collective investment schemes that are not authorized for distribution in Switzerland. These collective investment schemes may not be offered or publicly distributed in Switzerland.

The information on this website is only aimed at qualified investors according to Swiss law. This includes

(i) banks, securities dealers, fund managers and asset managers of collective investment schemes (including their clients with whom a written asset management agreement is in place), (ii) insurance companies, (iii) public corporations and pension funds with professional treasury operations as well as (iv) companies with professional treasury departments. An investor is deemed to operate a professional treasury service if it has at least one qualified expert experienced in the financial field to whom it entrusts the continuous management of its financial assets.

Furthermore, the following are qualified investors: (v) high-net-worth individuals (i.e. private investors who have, prior to accessing this website, confirmed in writing to Credo Capital plc, 8-12 York Gate, London NW1 4QG, that they possess net financial assets of at least CHF 2’000’000) and (vi) independent asset managers and investors who have entered into an asset management contract in writing with an independent asset manager to the extent that the asset manager is subject to the Money Laundering Act and to a code of conduct of a professional organization which is recognized as a minimum standard by the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and that the asset management agreement is in accordance with the recognized guidelines of a professional organization.

Persons who are not qualified investors as described above may not access this website.

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Dear US visitor

If you are a person who is resident in the United States of America (the "US") or you are otherwise regarded as a US person pursuant to the Securities Act, 1933 (e.g. you are incorporated in the US, you hold an account for the benefit or account of a US person or you are a US Trustee) and you are not an existing client of Credo Capital plc ("Credo"), then you may not access this website. Credo is not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC") in the US and accordingly does not hold itself out generally to the public in the US as an investment adviser and does not solicit for business in the US. Credo is entitled to have a limited number of US clients based on it complying with the relevant exemptions from registration with the SEC. If you are an existing client or you are unsure whether you are a US person, please contact your Relationship Manager or send your query to

By clicking on the “I agree” button you therefore confirm that you are not a US person as described above and you can accordingly access the Credo Group website.