Best Ideas Portfolio

The Credo Best Ideas Portfolio is a diversified portfolio (not a fund) of global equities which we believe to be well-positioned to outperform the wider equity market over the longer term.

The portfolio has a bias towards developed market, large capitalisation stocks. Our aim is to generate sustainable excess returns versus global market indices through careful stock selection.

Equity Solutions Brochure

PDF  Factsheet

Equity Spotlight

PDF  Make something of yourself - March 2023

PDF  Shell’s stealth dividend - February 2023

PDF  This too shall pass - January 2023

PDF  Foxduel - December 2022

Investment Philosophy

  • We believe that wealth is best created and preserved through patient & disciplined investing focused on the long term
  • We follow a value-based approach to investing
  • We seek to invest in high quality companies that are attractively priced relative to their future business prospects
  • We believe that the market’s short-term focus creates opportunities for those willing to concentrate on underlying business performance
  • We view risk as permanent losses of capital and not in terms of short-term volatility

Creating and preserving wealth for future generations is a different journey for each client. At the outset of your journey with us, you will be introduced to your personal Relationship Manager who will be your primary contact. Your Relationship Manager will guide you through Credo's investment process, including understanding your investment objectives, risk profile and financial needs.