• The BCI Credo Global Equity Feeder Fund (“Feeder Fund”) is a South African domiciled unit trust, which has a single investment in the Irish domiciled Credo Global Equity Fund
  • ZAR denominated investment
  • 100% global equity exposure
  • Large capitalisation bias
  • Value investment style
  • Regulated by the FSCA in South Africa

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Share classes and minimum investments Class A Retail: None
Class B Institutional: R25,000,000
Dealing Daily
Service fee* Class A Retail: 0.83%
Class B Institutional: Please contact Credo
Identifiers Class A Retail: ZAE000278818
Class B Institutional: ZAE000282463
Launch date 3 February 2020
Domicile South Africa
Type Feeder Fund
Investment manager Credo Capital Limited, London (FCA Regulated)
Administrator and manager Boutique Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd
Custodian/trustee The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

(*) The service fee represents fees paid to the Management Company and the Investment Manager and is VAT inclusive. Additional charges from the underlying Credo Global Equity Fund will apply.


As the Feeder Fund launched on 3 February 2020, there is insufficient data to provide a useful indication of performance. However, by way of track record and for indicative purposes only, the performance of the Credo Global Equity Fund (UCITS) is shown here. Please note this performance is not directly related to the anticipated performance of the Feeder Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients can invest either directly in the Feeder Fund or via a platform.

1. How can I invest directly in the Feeder Fund?

Boutique Collective Investments (BCI) is the fund administrator of the Feeder Fund. You only need to complete and submit the BCI application form (Individual or Legal Entity). For further information, please contact BCI Client Services.

2. How can I invest via a platform?

The Feeder Fund is currently available on the Momentum Wealth and Sanlam Glacier platforms. Other platforms will become available in due course. You will need to complete the relevant application form for your specific platform.

3. Alternatively, please contact Credo Client Services so that we can help you with these options.

The Feeder Fund is a ZAR-denominated unit trust. All investments and eventual redemptions are made using rands. There is therefore no need to convert currency, take money offshore or apply for foreign allowance approvals.

Both options are available. Please contact BCI, your investment platform or Credo to discuss further.

Yes, the Feeder Fund is currently available on the ABSA, Momentum Wealth and Sanlam Glacier platforms. If you would like to see the Feeder Fund on another platform, please contact Credo at info@credogroup.com.

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