Income Plus Portfolios

The Credo Income Plus Portfolios is an income generating solution, particularly during times of low interest rates and increasing inflation.

Our dedicated fixed income team will analyse and select corporate bonds that offer the highest income return for the risk that you are prepared to take.

We offer three corporate bond portfolios with varied levels of volatility depending on your risk profile.

Appropriate for the more cautious investor. Bias towards high quality short dated senior investment grade bonds. The portfolio takes little risk in terms of credit and sensitivity to interest rates. A relatively low level of volatility can be expected.

This portfolio will take on a little more risk but should still not exhibit significant volatility. We may invest in longer dated bonds and subordinated debt. Some holdings may further not be investment grade. The portfolio is likely to contain more financial exposure but an emphasis on quality will be maintained.

For the more adventurous investor, this portfolio will contain significant exposure to financial paper, longer dated bonds and special situations. The portfolio is likely to experience significantly more volatility than the others. A material part of the portfolio will nonetheless be investment grade.

Investment Philosophy

  • We believe that wealth is best created and preserved through patient & disciplined investing focused on the long term
  • We follow a value-based approach to investing
  • We seek to invest in high quality companies that are attractively priced relative to their future business prospects
  • We believe that the market’s short-term focus creates opportunities for those willing to concentrate on underlying business performance
  • We view risk as permanent losses of capital and not in terms of short-term volatility

Creating and preserving wealth for future generations is a different journey for each client. At the outset of your journey with us, you will be introduced to your personal Relationship Manager who will be your primary contact. Your Relationship Manager will guide you through Credo's investment process, including understanding your investment objectives, risk profile and financial needs.