Tax Year End -
Important Information
As we approach the end of the UK tax year, and to assist with your planning, we have listed below key information and deadlines that you will need to be aware of in the run up to the end of the current tax year - Friday, 3rd April (last business day).
Deadlines at a glance
Friday, 27th March 2020 - Bed & ISA’s Trades
Please remember to capture “Bed & ISA” within the Talk to Me of the sell and buy orders.
Cut-off may vary depending on the settlement cycle of the instrument traded. Please contact Trading Services if you have any questions.
Tuesday, 31st March 2020 - ISA Application
All valid and complete applications received by COB will be processed prior to the current tax year end. Any applications received after this date will be dealt with on a best endeavour basis.
Friday, 3rd April 2020 (by 10AM) - ISA Subscription
In order for Credo to subscribe for the current tax year, please ensure a valid Payment Instruction form is sent and there are cleared funds within the GIA.
Key Information
  • The overall ISA subscription limit for 2019/2020 is £20,000 for eligible Investors.

  • Any cash withdrawn from the Flexible ISA will need to be returned before the new tax year in order to fully utilise the allowance for 2019/2020.

  • For cleared funds to be received prior to tax year end deadline, we recommend:

    • Electronic payments: ensuring that cleared funds are received by custodian for value date on or before Wednesday, 1st April 2020 - valid account reference must be stated.

    • Cheque payments: the cheque needs to be received by Credo by COB Monday, 30th March 2020.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.

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