Credo is proud of the long and successful asset management track record that we have built up with clients. We offer solutions that span the asset class universe. Most importantly, we invest alongside you.

Working with you

Seeking an effective investment philosophy?

At Credo, we adhere to proven investment strategies and focus on doing our job well. Day in and day out, we work consistently to find opportunities that, over the long run, lead to financial success.

Are you confident in your manager’s convictions?

Asset allocators need to know that their chosen manager will deliver in line with stated objectives and not show style drift. Our equity solutions focus on both value and quality characteristics, our fixed income solutions aim for high yields whilst managing credit risk, and our multi-asset products follow an evidence-based approach to investing. These strategies will not change over time.

Looking for a manager who will still be there in years?

Our asset management capabilities are supported by a strong base of diversified investment activities. This provides financial resilience when markets take a downturn and creates a work environment with low staff turnover. Clients can thus rely on the fact that we are able to plan and operate through the cycle as a robust business.

Want a fund manager who knows your name?

Switching a large sum of funds or committing to a flow of future assets isn’t to be taken lightly. Our DNA is based on strong client relationships. Each manager and consultant who chooses to work with us deserves to be recognised and receives the same high level of service engagement.

Investment Solutions

Different clients mean different requirements. Discretionary fund managers (DFMs) do not have the same needs as retail investors, for example. Our investment solutions today range from direct equities and corporate bond portfolios to global funds and multi-asset portfolios. We have established a long and successful track record of managing these various investment solutions. Each has a distinct approach and meets a different set of client needs.


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