The AIM portfolio has been constructed utilising the investment research and stock selection capabilities of our selected third-party specialist, Unicorn Asset Management Limited (Unicorn). Unicorn is an independent asset management business established in 2000, which specialises in actively managed funds that invest in UK quoted, small to mid-cap companies.

The Unicorn investment team is well-resourced, committed and highly knowledgeable investment team with extensive experience. Unicorn manages over £308m across open-ended funds and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) of which a significant proportion is in AIM listed stocks (as of May 2023).

Although responsible investment is a key priority for both Credo and Unicorn; Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are incorporated into its investment and management processes of both the AIM IHT Growth and Dividend portfolios.

We recognise, however, that some investors require strict sector limits and/or exclusions alongside a robust ESG policy. In addition to our traditional portfolios, we offer ESG Growth and ESG Dividend portfolios to ensure we can offer a portfolio to meet your needs.

Tax Efficient Portfolios Brochure

The Solutions

The service aims to invest in a portfolio of 25-40 companies listed on AIM, independently assessed as qualifying for Business Relief. Provided a company qualifies for business relief, an investment in its shares is expected under current legislation to benefit from 100% IHT relief if you have held them for at least two years and you hold them at the time of death.


  • The Growth portfolio will target businesses that are profitable market leaders or innovative disruptors exposed to long-term structural trends. These businesses will also demonstrate predictable market-beating earnings growth, high levels of intellectual property and significant barriers to entry.


  • The Dividend portfolio will target businesses paying sustainable dividends and will offer clients the option of receiving a target income of 2%-4% from their portfolio. The Dividend portfolio has a greater emphasis on underlying companies’ ability and sustainability of dividends and in turn more mature businesses which should subsequently help the portfolio to offer greater protection against market volatility.

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