The objective of the portfolio is to generate a higher return than our conservative yield option.

This portfolio will take on more risk than our conservative yield variant but should still not exhibit significant volatility. This results in a risk profile between cash and equity-like risk, and is most suitable for a Credo risk rating Growth.

Factsheet Fixed Income Brochure

Diversified portfolio

Invests in a diversified portfolio of corporates bonds

Optimum timeframe

A medium timeframe until the bonds’ respective maturities with an average timeframe of 3-5 years

Higher yield bonds

The portfolio is likely to include some exposure to high yield bonds

Financial sector weighting

The portfolio is likely to contain a substantial weighting to the financial sector (i.e. banks and insurers)

Subordinated debt

To increase the yield, the portfolio will have a higher weighting to subordinated debt and can include callable bonds

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