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The "Risk On / Risk Off" concept

In addition to presenting at Credo's recent International Investment Conference in both Johannesburg and Cape Town at the end of October, Deon Gouws also represented the firm in the annual Investing Abroad conference in the same two cities and shared a panel with a number of other leading global investment firms in the process. In his presentation titled "RORO and other four letter words", Deon addressed the concept of "Risk On / Risk Off" within the context of the current investment environment. The presentation reiterated the principle that risk needs to be embraced and managed as a prerequisite for growing the longer term value of an investor's portfolio, and concluded with some practical suggestions within a framework of uncertain financial markets.

Credo publishes the Autumn 2012 edition

Credo publishes the Summer 2012 edition

Investors Monthly

The global OTC market in corporate debt

Erika van der Merwe of Investors Monthly South Africa interviews Credo Director Rupert Silver about the global OTC market in corporate debt.


Pick n Pay/Woolworths Australia tie up

Alex Hogg of Moneyweb South Africa interviews Credo Director Jarrod Cahn about the rumours of a Pick n Pay /Woolworths Australia tie up.


Deon Gouws looks ahead to his career as Chief Investment Officer of Credo

In this interview with Afrikaans business magazine Finweek in South Africa, Deon Gouws looks ahead to his career as chief investment officer of Credo. He also comments on the state of the institutional fund management industry in the country of his birth, and motivates why he shares in the excitement about Africa as an investment destination.

Citywire Wealth Manager

What is indispensable when selecting a fund for clients

"Transparency and performance are what it's all about when selecting a fund for our clients. We like to meet often with the fund managers and monitor performance closely. the moment we feel things are slipping, we act quickly and decisively." Says Alan Noik, MD Credo Capital.

Investors Monthly

Our high conviction stocks and corporate bonds portfolios

Alan Noik, MD Credo Capital, says "With the poor past performance of some offshore funds, some see better value in direct equity holdings. Our high-conviction portfolios include 15 to 20 of these blue-chip stocks."

Financial Mail

Old Mutual appoints Credo as preferred investment manager

Wayne Sorour, head of Old Mutual International, explains to the Financial Mail why Credo has been appointed as a preferred investment manager for their recently launched International Investment Portfolio.

Citywire Wealth Manager

Credo's performance under the spotlight

Credit card providers and luxury goods are the ones to watch, says Credo Group director Jarrod Cahn.

Citywire Wealth Manager

The secret behind Credo's success

Roy Ettlinger, Credo Group CEO is featured in the leading article as Citywire's Wealth Manager of the Week 26 January 2012.

Citywire Wealth Manager

Credo announces Deon Gouws as its new Chief Investment Officer

Credo is proud to announce and welcome Deon Gouws as its new Chief Investment Officer. Deon will take on this role commencing March 2012 in South Africa and will relocate to London in April 2012.


McDonald's recent results

"Whilst results are strong, I would expect a period of consolidation going forward..." Rikky Shoker, co-manager of the Credo Best Ideas Portfolio at Credo Group (U.K.) Limited in London, said.