The objective of the portfolio is to outperform bank rates over the time horizon and reduce the volatility of a broader investment portfolio.

Although this portfolio will exhibit some volatility depending on the market conditions and interest rate environment this is higher risk than cash in the bank and is most appropriate for a Credo risk rating of Moderate.

Factsheet Fixed Income Brochure

High quality bonds

Invests in a diversified portfolio of high quality corporates and government bonds

Optimum timeframe

Relatively short timeframe until the bonds’ respective maturities with an average timeframe of 2-3 years

Externally rated

The bonds at the time of investment will have an investment grade credit rating by an external rating agency

Senior ranking

A significant majority of the portfolio will consist of a senior ranking

Lower risk

The portfolio aims to take on lower risk in terms of credit and sensitivity to interest rates

Adequate volatility

As a result, one expects a relatively low level of volatility

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