The Credo Multi-Asset Portfolios ESG (MAP ESG) follow an evidence based approach to investing, providing investors with diversified exposure to global assets through a selection of funds and ETFs.

Multi-Asset Portfolios Brochure

The Solutions

Funds are selected using Credo’s in-house selection process and offered as four solutions targeting various levels of equity exposure. Portfolios are available in both GBP and USD.


  • You prefer lower risk investments but are willing to accept small downside risk to your capital to achieve a higher potential return than cash deposits.


  • You are willing and able to assume a moderate amount of capital risk, but with a lower allocation to growth assets and a focus on reducing potential downside.


  • You are willing and able to accept short term volatility as a trade-off for higher potential returns. This portfolio has a large focus on the potential growth of capital over the long term.


  • You are willing and able to take significant risk to increase the return-generating potential. This is for a growth orientated profile and may be subject to substantial short-term volatility.

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