The Credo Fixed Income Portfolios are high conviction portfolios containing a select number of corporate and government bonds across two currencies (GBP & USD) and different risk profiles (Conservative & Enhanced Yield).

These aim to produce an income return in excess of bank rates and are designed to give investors exposure to predominately international corporate bond markets. Within each currency, the different portfolios target a different risk and return profile. The portfolio utilised will be set in line with an investor’s investment objectives with the consideration of any broader, associated portfolios.

These actively managed are an excellent way for investors to gain exposure to corporate bonds, and these solutions can be utilised as a stand-alone portfolio or as part of a broader asset allocation strategy. Credo's fixed income team has delivered a superior long term track record through rigorous credit analysis.

Conservative Yield Portfolio

The objective of the portfolio is to outperform bank rates over the time horizon and reduce the volatility of a broader investment portfolio.

Although this portfolio will exhibit some volatility depending on the market conditions and interest rate environment this is higher risk than cash in the bank and is most appropriate for a Credo risk rating of Moderate.

Enhanced Yield Portfolio

The objective of the portfolio is to generate a higher return than the conservative yield portfolio.

This portfolio will take on more risk than the conservative yield portfolio but should still not exhibit significant volatility. This results in a risk profile between cash and equity-like risk, and is most suitable for a Credo risk rating Growth.


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