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Portfolio Adviser

Rupert Silver featured on Portfolio Adviser

Rupert Silver, lead-manager of Credo Dynamic, recently spoke to Portfolio Adviser to discuss the fund’s current positioning and how he is finding attractive returns in lower-risk assets in the current higher interest rate environment.

CNN Business

Banking jitters - where to from here?

Credo’s Head of Fixed Income, Rupert Silver, was recently quoted in an article for CNN Business. He commented on the recent volatility in the banking sector and highlighted the likely higher level of risk in US regional banks.

Make something of yourself

America, they say is the land of opportunity. The tale of Thomas Peterffy and Interactive Brokers (“IBKR”), which we first bought in 2021, is one of many American rags to riches success stories giving rise to this adage. Peterffy was born on the wrong side of the iron curtain, in Hungary, during World War II. The story goes that he was delivered in...

Financial Mail

View from the Thames

South Africa is still suffering from crippling electricity blackouts.

Following up on his previous column on this topic for leading South African publication Financial Mail, Deon Gouws (Chief Investment Officer at Credo) changes focus and looks at some of the positives.


Deon Gouws featured on 702

Financial markets are going through a turbulent time with the demise of Silicon Valley Bank as well as some negative news-flow surrounding Credit Suisse, to mention but two examples. On Wednesday evening, Deon Gouws (Credo CIO) discussed some of these issues with Bruce Whitfield on South African radio station 702.

CredoNews #

Please join Credo portfolio managers, Rupert Silver and Benjamin Newton, as they discuss investment opportunities within corporate bonds. The higher interest rate and uncertain economic environment, enables investors the prospect of generating a healthy income stream and total return over the coming years.

They will provide a brief bond refresher before touching on the Credo Income Portfolios and how these discretionary managed solutions offer differentiated direct access to institutional bond markets.

Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2023
Time: 10:00 AM (UK) | 11:00 AM (SA)
Duration: 45 Minutes

Once registered, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the live event. For a smoother experience, the recommended browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

Investment Week

Credo shortlisted for Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2023

CredoNews #

Credo Global Equity Fund has been named on a shortlist of funds in the Global Equity category at the prestigious Investment Week Fund Manager of the Year Awards. Amongst other criteria, funds were selected based on their performance over the last 3 years, as well as the relative level of risk. The event is due to take place in London on 22 June.

Equities - February in review

Following a strong start to the year, February witnessed a divergence in performance across global equity markets. The S&P 500 finished the month down by 2.4% in US dollar terms, whereas the Euro STOXX 50 and FTSE 100 both finished the month up by 1.9% and 1.8%, respectively in their local currencies. Most notably, February marked an all-time high for the FTSE 100. In amongst strong labour market data, inflation continued to prove persistent, leaving central banks with little option but to continue with their sustained hawkish monetary policies. In fixed income markets, yields rose on US, UK and German 10-year bonds by 41, 49 and 37 basis points, respectively. The pound fell 1.8% against the US dollar and 2.4% against the euro.

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Citywire Wealth Manager

Jarrod Cahn featured in Citywire

With a heightened focus on the defence industry and the increasing Government defence budget spend, Citywire asked three fund managers whether the sector offers an attractive investment opportunity.

Raging Bull Award

Credo wins Raging Bull Award

CredoNews #

Credo offers tailored offshore investment solutions to all our clients. We are delighted to win the Raging Bull Award - South Africa's highest accolade within the asset management industry - for Offshore Manager of the Year 2022. Join us on the path to prosperity.

Shell’s stealth dividend

“Arbitrage” is a fancy word which is often used in the finance industry. Essentially it means taking advantage of price differentials in the same asset, across markets, in order to make a quick buck. It’s what keeps markets efficient. By way of example, if you could buy a share in Microsoft on the New York Stock Exchange and simultaneously sell it at a...

Financial Mail

View from the Thames

South Africa has been suffering from crippling electricity blackouts for some time, euphemistically referred to as loadshedding.

In his latest column for leading South African publication Financial Mail, Deon Gouws (Chief Investment Officer at Credo), reflects on the situation following a recent trip to the country.


January in review

After a particularly turbulent year for investors, global equity and fixed income markets had a strong start to 2023. The S&P 500, Euro STOXX 50 and FTSE 100 all finished the month up by 6.3%, 9.9% and 4.3%, respectively in their local currencies. Although the pressures of inflation, monetary policy and geo-political conflict continued to weigh in on investors, optimism spurred amongst positive news of stabilising gas prices, relaxation of Covid restrictions and resilient labour markets. Fixed income markets continued their correlation with global equity markets, although in a more forgiving direction for investors thus far. Yields fell on US, UK and German 10-year bonds by 37, 34 and 29 basis points, respectively. The pound gained 2.0% on the US dollar and gained 1.5% on the euro.

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Asset TV

Credo Global Equity Fund featured on Asset TV

CredoNews #

Jarrod Cahn, Portfolio Manager of the Credo Global Equity Fund, is interviewed by Chloe Mulder as part of the ongoing Boutiques Connect series on Asset TV.

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Glacier Summit

Glacier Investment Summit

CredoNews #

Last week, Credo Chief Investment Officer, Deon Gouws participated in a panel at the Glacier Investment Summit in Johannesburg. He presented on the Credo Global Equity Fund which is available via Glacier – a leading investment platform in South Africa.

December in review

Following on from two consecutive positive months, global equity and bond markets fell in the final month of 2022. Despite inflation gradually trending downwards in the US, investor sentiment had not yet recovered in the face of uncertainty surrounding the timing of a pivot in the Federal Reserve’s hawkish monetary policy. The S&P 500, Euro STOXX 50 and FTSE 100 all finished the month down by 5.8%, 4.0% and 1.5%, respectively in their local currencies. Meanwhile in China, the Hang Seng delivered a positive return of 6.4%, bolstered by a continued relaxation of zero-Covid policy restrictions. Negative sentiment within fixed income markets led to a rise in yields on US, UK and German 10-year bonds by 27, 51 and 64 basis points respectively. The pound gained 0.2% on the US dollar and fell by 2.5% against the euro.

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This too shall pass

The Old Testament tale of Joseph offers an important lesson for long term investors – that of cycles. In it, Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream of seven fat cows consuming seven thin ones, portending seven years of bountiful harvests followed by seven years of famine and successfully advised Pharaoh to stockpile grain in preparation. “Forecasting” is a dirty word amongst...

Financial Mail

View from the Thames

Are there any investment lessons to be gleaned from the recent FIFA World Cup?

In his latest column for leading South African publication Financial Mail, Deon Gouws (Chief Investment Officer at Credo), addresses this question based on a fun competition amongst staff of the firm which focused on picking the most successful teams over the course of the tournament.

The Telegraph

Credo featured in The Telegraph

Jarrod Cahn, lead manager of Credo Global Equity Fund, recently spoke to The Telegraph about the fund’s holding in Adidas. He discusses both the challenges and opportunities for the company and why he feels optimistic about the potential for shareholder returns.

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